What we do

We focus on young women and Youth based in Mbarara district south western Uganda.

What we do

WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT IN HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT (WAYEHD) is a young woman led community-based organization aimed at creating a generation where women and youth play key roles in health promotion amongst communities. We focus on young women and Youth based in Mbarara district south western Uganda. our primary activities include;

Capacity building trainings of young women and girls in health promotion amongst communities, forexample sanitation and hygiene in homes, dental health, proper breast-feeding practices amongst breast feeding mothers.

Programmes that enable vulnerable groups such as disabled women, girls and youth access to basic needs of human health such as health, food, clothing, and shelter.

Income generating activities among women and girls in rural areas.

Expanding access to educational services for vulnerable youth and women forexample; disabled, orphans, girls neglected by their families.

Carrying out research in health and development which will guide evidence-based interventions, policy formulation, and innovations.

Carrying out Programmes to reduce gender-based violence in communities.

How COVID-19 has affected the communities we serve.

Corona virus disease (COVID-19) remains a pandemic disease with more than 6.2 million confirmed cases and approximately 380,000 confirmed deaths worldwide as of 4th june 2020 (WHO). The World Health Organization (WHO) China country office reported a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China on 31 December 2019, and on 7 January 2020, causative pathogen identified as a novel coronavirus (COVID-2019) , with evidence of person-to-person transmission number of cases have continued to increase rapidly every day to cover most of the countries globally.

Till date, there is no specific medicine to treat COVID-19. The outbreak of new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is causing respiratory illness worldwide, prompting the WHO to declare the condition as a global pandemic. This virus has spread to more than 150 countries including Uganda.

With the occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of the republic of Uganda set up mandatory guidelines to every Ugandan as a measure of preventing the spread ,reducing the transmission and treating COVID-19 in the country, such guidelines included: social distancing, curfew(suspension of all movements and activities at night) stay at home campaign ,suspension of most businesses except essential services; washing hands, closure of schools and all public places and a mandatory lockdown for a total of more than 90 days for now.

Our current activities

Activities we are conducting currently in our community in response to the COVID 19 crisis.

Currently we are volunteering in the southwestern region COVID-19 task force under Mbarara Regional Referral hospital: A referral hospital in serving 15 districts in southwestern Uganda, under Mbarara Regional Referral hospital we were given special training in COVID-19 prevention and response measures as put in place by the government of the republic of Uganda, as of 24th April 2020, we had trained 115 health workers in lower health facilities , and our trainings are expected to end on 30th April 2020, During these trainings we realized that people with disabilities have not been given special attention to be informed of the current measures set up to end the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s why we plan by the end of this move of training the health workers, we can start on 1st may 2020 to also give special attention and training to people with disabilities about the prevention strategies put in place to fight COVID-19 pandemic. However, we lack financial support to properly implement this project, we hope by your support, we shall help these disabled people also embrace the COVID-19 prevention strategies, for them to keep safe.

Mbarara Regional Referral hospital - Southwestern Uganda

About Us

WAYEHD (Women and Youth Empowerment in Health and Development) is a Women and youth focused not for profit and non-governmental organization with the major aim of empowering women and youth to be agents of health promotion and development among communities they live in.



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